Welcome to the first Hybrid Play Game Jam!

What is it?

An open to all game jam scheduled for June 13th, 14th and 15th at Castellón (Spain). Everyone’s invited to join online too!

Who is it for?

Everyone. Seasoned game devs and complete beginners. You can use any tool you want, or just try Visual Language Programming languages (like Gamesonomy or Scratch) if it’s your first time creating games.

How can I sign up?

Just write to

including the following fields:

DNI or Passport Number:
Mode: (Individual or in groups).

Which are the prizes?

The satisfaction of creating your own games! However, we will offer some prizes too:
Hybrid Play Grand Prize:Best Hybrid Play game. The game will be adapted to the Hybrid Play system and published if you want!
Innovation Prize: For the most surprising game.
Experience Prize: We definitely had fun playing this..
Eye-candy Prize: Best original graphics.
Eighth Note Prize: Best original music and sound design.
Hybrid Soul Prize: This game would give its best when played with the playground elements!
Gamesonomy Prize: To the best Gamesonomy prototype. You can publish your game in Gamesonomy!

What’s Hybrid Play?

Hybrid Play is a project blending urban spaces, traditional games and videogames. It’s comprised of a device that detects how the kids play in the park, and translate their movements into actions in a videogame (played in an Android or iOs smartphone). More info here: http://www.hybridplay.com/
(Note: The Hybrid Play Game Jam welcomes every game you can make, not only games playable in the Hybrid Play device)

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